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Open Spirit offers experienced and professional spiritual counselling and mentoring, soul friendship and supervision.

Spiritual Counselling, Mentoring and Soul Friendship takes a holistic approach, including practical, mental and emotional issues as part of our spiritual journey. As well as skilled listening and reflection, it can include guided meditation, simple ritual and non denominational guidance on spiritual study and practice.

A spiritual counsellor, mentor and soul friend listens deeply to the whole of your being, provides a safe sanctuary in which to unpack and lay down your burdens and helps you to see meaning in all your experience, both happiness and suffering. Your unique life, including its blessings and challenges, is a spiritual journey that can awaken you to a fuller, wiser and more loving way of being. Spiritual counselling and mentoring can provide the space and the tools to help you heal yourself and discover the deeper dimensions of being and Source.

Spiritual counselling and mentoring can provide the space and the tools to help you heal yourself and discover the deeper dimensions of being and Source.

As spiritual counselling and mentoring unfolds, it can develop naturally into a deepening soul friendship. Regular attendance of groups and retreats can also grow into an experience of being in the midst of soul friends who are sharing an informal and yet deep sense of spiritual community. Soul Friendship is very different from more traditional therapeutic, teaching or ministry approaches, which maintain strict boundaries between therapist and client, teacher and student, priest and layperson.

In Soul Friendship the sense of separation begins to soften and there is an increasing understanding and experience of being simply equal and unique souls on both individual and shared spiritual journeys.

Supervision is also available for individuals engaged in holding sacred space for others and in collaborative ministry.

Spiritual Counselling, Mentoring, Soul Friendship and Supervision is available through Open Spirit with Rev. Sam Wernham. Sam has completed professional training in non violent communication, trauma and stress management, and in spiritual counselling with the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation. She has an MA in Mindfulness based Psychotherapeutic Practice from the Karuna Institute and Middlesex University, London and is accredited with ACCP and UKCP.

Alongside training she has completed over ten years of personal psychotherapy including individual, group and art therapy and she has over thirty years experience of spiritual practice in Buddhist, Christian, Kabbalistic and Celtic/Druidic spiritualities. She has been facilitating groups, guiding retreats and offering individual support for over twenty years and has trained for ministry with the Scottish Episcopal Church and the Interfaith Foundation.


Safe and comfortable space in the Sanctuary

Safe and comfortable space in the Sanctuary


A warm welcome in the waiting room

A warm welcome in the waiting room


Sam works in private practice from her home in Dartington, where she has a dedicated sanctuary space. Sessions can also move outside into the secluded garden or take the form of a walk out into the natural surroundings from the doorstep, including woods, meadows and waterside. The work can take the form of creating ceremony or altars.


Secluded, scented garden by the sanctuary

Secluded, scented garden by the sanctuary


To find out more about individual sessions please contact Sam:

email –

phone – 01803 862541

text – 07979 057169

An initial 20 minute meeting is available without charge. Sessions usually last an hour thereafter and cost £45. Outdoor sessions can be booked for an hour and a half (£65) or two hours (£90) Concessions may be available on request.

Sam is a life member of the Interfaith Ministers Association and is professionally insured and supervised.


Call: 01803 ~ 862541
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