Welcome to Open Spirit…

you are warmly invited to join us in exploring the depths of Mystical Christianity, the Biblical Traditions and Interspirituality in an open, holistic and collaborative way.

Open Spirit offers one to one spiritual counselling, mentoring & supervision and one day, weekend and ongoing meetings, courses, workshops and retreat days in the Dartington and Totnes areas of South Devon. 

Open Spirit…

respects all…

We respect all wisdom traditions and take a non dogmatic approach to the Christian Mysteries, which celebrates their inspiration and beauty without making exclusive truth claims.

We have a particular interest in the Divine Feminine, in reclaiming Christian Herstory and Thealogy and in restoring the Sacred Marriage, a balance of masculine and feminine in mystical Christianity and the Biblical Traditions.

We welcome people of any faith or none and from both within and outside established traditions. Open Spirit groups welcome a rich mix of people of all ages, genders and varied backgrounds.

thinks deeply, contemplates and asks questions…

We are committed to thinking deeply about faith and values, meaning and purpose and to asking open questions. We feel free to engage with both the  treasures of tradition and the creativity of new ways of thinking, being and relating.

We think deeply about the Biblical Traditions and draw upon the wisdom of the ancient cultures and myths that lie at the foundation of both the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament. We draw upon both traditional and contemporary forms of Western spirituality, with a particular interest in Celtic Traditions and Kabbalah.

We practice Interspirituality, described by Wayne Teasdale as 'identifying and embracing the mystical core or common ground of the world's religions' with an emphasis on Western spiritual perspectives and a love for the Mystic and Cosmic Christ. 

works collaboratively…

Open Spirit upholds co-creative and collaborative ways of working and learning together, with lightly held leadership that works through co-ordination and facilitation to encourage and empower the active participation and equality of all and which celebrates a diversity of culture, age, gender, sexuality etc

We are committed to an emerging vision of collaborative or mutual ministry, including non hierarchical and non competitive forms of leadership focussed on the building up of mutual ministering communities.

As part of Living Spirit, the wider organisation behind Open Spirit and in connection with Wood Sisters, sister organisation to Living Spirit, members of Open Spirit can be part of a wider network of spiritual companions and spiritual community which has been growing over many years.

lives reflectively and learns holistically…

The intention behind Open Spirit meetings is to expand our understanding of what spirituality means, to learn to listen to each other and the spirit at work within each of us and to practise contemplative ways of being that will help us to reflect and respond, rather than react to life.

In Open Spirit courses we work with a holistic learning method based on 'Entering the Orchard' - Kabbalistic approaches to Torah study and also on Christian Lectio Divina. This fourfold 'way of knowing' embraces head and heart, body and spirit, so each Open Spirit meeting includes study, sharing, time for creativity and being embodied and connecting with nature and spiritual practice.

loves, creates and cares about all…

Open Spirituality celebrates the interdependence of all life. It works to heal suffering, to free, to nourish and uphold peace, justice and all life. We seek to serve this life giving spirit in all the creative forms it takes in people, creatures and in the natural world.

We are especially commited to the earth and to non hierarchical spirituality that honours the equality and deep spirit of all beings.

Please join us in exploring what it means to be an Open Spirit!

For more details please contact:

Rev Sam Wernham on 01803 862541
email enquiries@open-spirit.co.uk

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